• Testimonials

  • We had grease stains tracked in from our garage that Andre was able to get out and make our carpet look brand new again! Thank you so much for your speedy and impeccable service!

    Jessica Janakes

  • We had a sick dog and he went all over the house. It smelled soooo bad. We called Andre, and he explained the different pet odor options to me. When he was finished, the next day the smell was completely gone...and it was a reasonable charge as well. Will be calling him again

    Nathan Oliver

  • Best carpet cleaning comp, ever!! They clean my house for almost 10 years and I never had 1 problem !!!

    Adrian Pereda

  • Friendly, professional, quality service. I raised 8 kids, a lot of their friends, and many dogs. My carpets were thrashed. Andre came in and I cannot believe the job he did. The carpets look fantastic, like they've never seen one dropped chocolate scoop of ice cream, one muddy child, or any unidentified substance spilled by an underage biped. I no longer have to give black out glasses to guests before entering our home because of the embarrassing condition my carpets were in. Good Neighbor has my business for life. Thank you Andre!

    Teri Anderson

  • Competitive pricing and high quality service. Really liked the environmentally friendly cleaner they use (no-odor, non-toxic).

    Victor Zmitrovich