• Carpet Cleaning

  • Why Hire Us To Clean Your Carpet?

    Carpet cleaning companies are not all created equally. At Good Neighbor Carpet Cleaning, we use  state of the art, truck mounted hot water extraction machines to clean carpet and upholstery.

    The hot water extraction process is recommended as most effective by Carpet and Rug Institute. This method combined with proper cleaning agents helps get the most dirt out of your carpet and upholstery. Thanks to our cleaning equipment and technique, your carpets will also be dry in about 2 to 3 hours.

    All our chemicals are non toxic and bio-friendly. In addition, we use the proper mixture of chemicals to get even the toughest stains out, yet leaving your carpet soft and with no residue. Our neutralizing rinse even gets the chemicals out of your carpet that another carpet cleaning company may have left behind in the past.


    Our Carpet Cleaning Process

    1. Evaluate carpet conditions and determine best scenario for cleaning

    2. Pre-treat carpet based on its condition

    3. Carpet rake if needed

    4. Extract (steam clean - Hot Water)

    5. Remove spots that will not come out with a regular cleaning (extra charge may apply)

    6. Apply stain protection if needed (additional fees apply)

    7. Air movers (optional) (additional fees apply)


    Did you know that your carpet acts like a large air filter. Even if you don't see obvious spots, it should still be cleaned regularly to eliminate allergy causing dust, dander and bacteria. Plus, regular carpet cleaning will help your carpet last much longer and save you thousands in the long run.


  • Don't Forget To Scotchgard


     What is Scotchgard?
     It's chemical treatment which resists soiling and helps prevent water based spots and spills from becoming hard to remove stains.

    A professional spray-treatment with "Scotchguard" Carpet Protector provides a barrier that makes it difficult for dirt particles to cling to carpet fibres. Routine vacuuming becomes more effective. Your carpet looks cleaner longer. And a cleaner carpet means less wear and a brighter appearance. With this long lasting barrier on your carpet, most spills can be easily cleaned up.  Ask your carpet cleaning technician about it.

  • Take advantage of our current carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning specials.